My SiteBuildIt! Story
(Or, How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Internet)  

When I first heard the name “ Solo Build It ” (SBI), I was on a guy's website who builds sites for a living, and I was touring around the internet looking for a website building process that was workable for a newbie (and that would not involve a huge amount of cash). He had several recommendations on his list for software or building processes, and I clicked on them all to check them out.

He said SBI was good for website-building newbies like me because it had two options – one for those who are comfortable with HTML and the like, and an option for those who just thought “what?” when I said HTML.  I was choice #2.

I wanted to build a site, and probably more than one, that did not require me to spend the better part of a year learning about HTML editors.  I wanted to focus on the business part of the site, not worrying about my coding skills.

Two things you should know about me at this point – I research EVERYTHING, and I am a skeptic.  I like facts, and I like proof that I can see.  Door-to-door salespeople hate me.

I am also what I would consider frugal with money (some would say “cheap"!).

So there I am, researching website building.  I read many pages, many forums, many articles.  Over a three month period I looked at A Lot of options – from do it yourself type options to complete site-building companies.

I bookmarked them if I found them interesting.  At the end of three months I had a decent list of stuff to consider.

The one I kept coming back to was Solo Build It.

Why that one?

Want To Know What Won Me Over? Read On...

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