My SiteBuildIt Journey continues, as I search for proof...

Why do I keep coming back to SBI?

Well, when I followed that first link, I found myself on their homepage. 

There is a video from the founder, Dr Ken, that starts it off.  I watched and listened, a part of my brain waiting for the sales pitch. Then I started to read through the pages.

“35% of all SBI sites rank in the top 1% of Alexa!” a page read.

“Uh huh.  Suuuure they do” said my brain.

So I checked the sites out.  I opened up and entered in some of the sites that I had seen in their site listings, just to check the stats.

(Click here if you want to try it out!)

I pushed all the buttons.

OK, so they were right about that part.

So what about the building a website part?  I don’t want a plain looking site - I want something that reflects me a bit and is still professional.

I looked through the better part of the sites in the business listings, and all the sites from the case studies.  I liked them – each site was definitely its own entity.  They all had their own voice and personality.  Born from the exact same software, everyone had taken it and made it their own.

This was getting closer to what I was after, but - being me – I still had some doubts.  I needed more proof.

So I Googled SBI – googled it up, down and sideways.  I wanted to know how the people using it felt, if they were happy with their decision.  Did it work?  Did they get traffic?

I found a few people who had some neutral or negative takes on SBI, but the majority were positive.  Overwhelmingly positive – people would go out of their way to express how much they liked it.  These people were just posting their love of Solo Build It to forums or websites without expecting anything in return.

I came back to SBI and had another look.  I read every page, I took the

video tour.

I pushed all the buttons.

What it really came down to for me was the honest approach to the process – you are building a business.  It requires dedication and passion, the same as any other business.  The benefit of this business if that you can work as fast or as slow as you need to.

That is what did it for me – no “get rich right now!” pitches.  The help to build a real business.

So what do I tell people who ask me about SBI now?

I tell them to do what I did - go to SBI's site and read it.  Push every button.  Bookmark it.

Then Google It! I'm confident that you will find, like I did, that SBI Owners and professional webmasters have glowing reviews.

Why?  I knew NOTHING about building a website when I started.  SBI helps you with the tech about building your site, so you can concentrate on the Content.  You bring your knowledge and passion, SBI will help you with the rest!

You can use the Ask A Real Human A Question feature.

(Yep, I tried this button as well.  I was actually really surprised when a human answered me - and quickly, too.  So many times the "ask" button on sites doesn't get you an answer.  A pleasant surprise for me!)

So what an I up to today?  Happily Site Building!  My Solo Build It journey will just keep going as my sites grow!


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