Do you want to give your cat the best care possible?

Since the days of the Egyptians, people have had cats in their home, although if we domesticated them or if they trained us is still open for debate...

If you have ever shared your home with cats, you will probably recognize the truth of this statement: “Dogs have owners, Cats have staff”.

Gus And Drake, Hanging Out

This site was designed to help you - the “staff” - care for them in the luxury that they demand. We will help you step by step with all the basics…

…and more – everything you will need for life with a happy cat!

We have created this site to make your life with your pet easy and fun (and it will keep them from thinking “man, those humans take FOREVER to train…”). Consider this site as your cheat sheet to their world.

As "staff", it is our job to provide the best care, food choices and entertainment to our cats. Our first priority though is good health – for example, sometimes they don’t know that that plant isn’t safe to chew, they just know it's green and looks tasty.

Every kitty is different, so you may need to modify the tips to your needs – some adapt quickly to change, others require a more gradual approach. Yours will let you know which approach works for them!

"If man could be crossed with the cat it would improve man, but it would deteriorate the cat."
- Mark Twain

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