Meet Our Cat Family - All About Us!

We have taken over this page from our humans to tell OUR side of things...  Who we are, what we like, and who rules this house (hint - it's us).

My Name: Drake (I'm a boy)

My Age: About 17

About Me: It's all about me - everyone who enters is greeted and must pet me, or will get meowed at until the proper greeting is given!  I even like going to the vet (right up until the poking with the pointy things part) because the attention is all focused on ME.

Breed: What breed?  I'm not a cat, I'm just a shorter, furrier person!  (Human's Note - part ragdoll, if you can get him to admit he's a cat.)

How I Joined the Family:  I was adopted when I was about two from a rescue shelter in Lobo, Ontario.

My Greatest Wish:  All sunny spots, all the time.


My Name: Gus (I'm a boy, too)

My Age: About 12

About Me: My motto is, why lead when you can follow?  Drake knows where he's going, so I'll go too.  Makes life happy and simple!  Except when it comes to food - I will shoulder aside anyone who blocks my view of the food bowls.  Food is my life.  You can draw any comparisons to a certain other chunky orange cat you like.

Breed:  Orange tabby, with white spots.  Chubby and stripey.

How I Joined The Family:  I came to Petsmart from the OSPCA.  My mommy saw me at Petsmart and thought I'd make a good buddy for Drake.  I did!

My Greatest Wish: Thumbs.  Darned pull ring moist food cans.


My Name: Piglet (I'm a girl)

My Age: About 14

About Me: Drake likes to think he is the leader of the group, but trust me - it's really me.  While he walks around bossing the humans around, I take all the best sleeping spots.  To get on my good side, tell me I'm cute.  Compliments will get you everywhere.

Breed: Not and white?

How I Joined the Family:  I was found as a tiny kitten abandoned in a parking garage.  I was very small and VERY dirty, but hungry!  In my first night at home I ate three bowls of kibble and two bowls of moist food, plus water.  The name Piglet just kind of stuck after that.

My Greatest Wish:  Neverending sunbeams on my belly.


My Name: Coma (I'm a girl)

My Age: I am so not answering that.

About Me: I like a organized life - toys need to be put into straight lines, socks into straight lines - you know, tidy.  At least, tidy until the boys wreck it all and then I have to do it again.  Some people call me a drama queen, I just think I get my point across in a loud voice.  When in doubt, bat your big blue eyes at the humans.

Breed: Probably part Siamese, judging from the blue eyes and flame coloured points.

How I Joined The Family: Hard to explain - let's just say I arrived and never left!

My Greatest Wish: For the boys to quit bugging me, especially while I'm sleeping.


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