Pros And Cons Of Making Your Own Cat Food

Making your own cat food has become more popular in the aftermath of the tainted pet food scandal and the massive pet food recalls.

It can be tricky for owners to make their own cat food, because cats require a very different diet than humans. Many things such as vitamins, minerals, and fat content need to be taken into account.

On the plus side, you will know what is in your cat's food and in what quantity. There will be less preservatives and possibly less sodium because it will not need to have a shelf life.

However, homemade pet food must be refrigerated to prevent spoilage, and be used more quickly (within 3 days) as it is usually moist food. This can be very time consuming if this is your cat’s only source of nutrition.

Cats need a much lower amount of fat than in human food, plus roughage for fibre and hairball maintenance. They also need enough of a meat protein called taurine. Taurine is essential for cats - they cannot live without it!

If your cat has special needs - such as needing lower ash/magnesium, is diabetic, has kidney issues, or any other special dietary requirements discuss making your own cat food thoroughly with your vet before making the switch.

If you do want to try making your own food, and your vet is in agreement, consider trying the "best of both worlds" approach - continue feeding your cat their regular brand of premium cat food (dry kibble) and supplementing their diet with your homemade moist food. This way, they are guaranteed good cat nutrition daily from the kibble and it keeps them on a routine in case you run short of time or go away on vacation. Supplementing with your own moist food will allow you to give them anything extra you may want.

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