Our Travel Cat Packing List To Help Reduce Your Stress!

Getting ready to travel can be stressful - so many things to remember! - so we made a cat packing list to reduce your stress (at least a bit)!

Packing For Your Cat:

  • Cat carrier suitable for the type of trip - see our cat carrier page for help with hard shell or soft shell cat carriers
  • Food and water bowls
  • Supply of food for the whole trip, in case your brand is not available on the way or at your destination
  • Vet records, your vet's contact info, proof of vaccines (a must if you are crossing a border into another country)
  • Emergency Vet clinic info for along the way or at your destination - phone numbers and addresses
  • Any medications or medical supplies your cat needs
  • Treats
  • A couple of favorite toys
  • Towels or blankets for the bottom of the carrier, plus something they like to sleep on for hotel rooms
  • Litter box and litter - either a regular box, litter and scoop or a disposable litter pan
  • Harness and leash
  • Collar with vaccine tags and a name/address tag in case your pet gets out during the trip
  • Depending on the length of trip, hairball remedy and brush

There is a small fan that you can get that attaches to the front gate of a hard shell cat carrier. Whether your cat would like this depends on if they like house fans blowing on them - some love it, some hate having their fur ruffled. It may be an option for a longer car trip during warmer months.

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