Which Style Of Cat Nail Trimmers Will Work Best For You?

There are two basic designs of cat nail trimmers. The one that is right for you depends on how comfortable you are with cat nail care and how much your cat moves around during the process.

“Scissor” style: This style of clippers looks like a pair of scissors only shorter (about 3-4 inches long) and with rounded ends. There are two notches to set the claw in to trim. Many owners whose cats are nervous of claw trimming or who are worried about hitting the nail’s quick will find these easier to use - you come at the nail from the side with nothing obscuring your view and can aim more easily. Since trying this style of trimmers, I use these on all of our cats. It is good for all size of cat, from our tiny girl to our large boys.

The style we use is the Scissor Style icon

“Guillotine” style: This style has two blades that come together in the centre of a loop when the handles are squeezed. This clipper needs to be closely monitored to ensure the blades do not become dull, as the squeezing motion can cause dull blades to crush or crack the nail rather than trim it. This clipper is better for the more experienced claw trimmers, or if your cat does not shift position. The sight line between you and the nail is not always clear. With either style, once the cutting surface is dull it is best to discard it and pick up a new one, as crushing or cracking the nail can be very painful to your cat.

For a How To on trimming your cat's nails, head to Cat Nail Care

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