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Cat Scratching Post Useage: Save Your Furniture!

Does your cat ignore their cat scratching post? Read our tips to get your cat to love their post and not your couch!

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Is It Just Me?

I needed a new laser pointer cat toy, so I was browsing Petsmart's site and came across this beauty. It looks...inappropriate...shall we say? Or is it just me?

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I Don't Know What He Did But...

Poor Gus. He loves to bug the girls, and even though it never ends well for him, he seems like he just can't help himself. In the past two days, Gus has tried to hide a ball so he can have it overnight (I pick up all the toys every night, because Coma will bring them to us as "gifts" while we are sleeping). On both nights, one of the girls has grabbed it from his hiding spot and brought it to me. Revenge is theirs!

Ecotraction - An Alternative To Traditional Ice Melters?

I know this is way too early in the year for this thought (I don't want to think about snow yet either!), but I was looking for an alternative to the traditional ice melter for this winter, and Ecotraction seems to fit the bill. Our cats are indoor cats, but the regular salt stuff comes inside in the treads of our shoes, and last year I caught Gus trying to give a big chunk of the salt a lick - not good! Has anyone used it? Did you like it? Please drop me a line with your thoughts, or I am @KJKat on Twitter. Thanks!

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Swiffer WetJet Email Hoax

Since 2004, emails have been circulating regarding the safety of using Swiffer WetJet in your home. This email is a hoax, but a really persistent one! It is safe to use Swiffer products if you have pets, just try to keep your pets off the floor when the product is still wet. For more info about this hoax, check out www.snopes.com or the ASPCA's press release below.

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