Cat Birth Preparation - How To Know It's Time & What You Will Need For The Birth

Cat birth preparation should start at least 5-7 days before her expected time to give birth. That way, your pregnant kitty will be more comfortable and relaxed when the big event begins!

Cats show they are nearing their due date by:

  • Looking For A Nesting Area

  • Less Active

  • Less Appetite

When labour is about to begin, these are the signs to look for:

  • Drop In Body Temperature

  • Going To Her Nesting Area

  • Loss Of Appetite, Including Vomiting

  • Frequent Licking Of Belly And Genital Areas

At least a week before her due date - or sooner if her behavior seems like she is getting ready herself - prepare a safe place for her to give birth, and make sure her diet has enough protein in it.

A nesting area is essential in cat birth preparation.

She needs to feel comfortable and safe in order to have an easier labour. If she has a bed that she likes and uses regularly she may prefer to use that.

If her current bed is in a noisy or busy area, move it to a quiet spot that she can get to easily. A closet is a good spot, just ensure that no one accidentally closes the door!

Show her the new spot. If she likes it, she will return to it on her own and begin sleeping there more often.

If she does not have a bed she likes, or you just want to create more privacy for her, you can make a “nesting box” for her. A large sized cardboard box is a good choice. Fold the flaps and flip the box over. Cut a doorway large enough for her to move in and out of easily. Line the box with her own bed or clean sheets and towels. She will be spending a lot of time in the box after the birth of the kittens and it needs to be comfy!

A nesting box, or a comfortable secure area that she likes and has time to adjust to, will allow her to feel safe and not end up giving birth in a spot that you may not like (such as on your bed!).

Cat pregnancy also means that she may need a diet change. If you are feeding a good quality food and she is not underweight, she may be fine to stick with her current food.

Free-feeding or multiple feedings throughout the day are fine during her cat pregnancy.

If she is underweight, you may want to add some kitten moist food to her diet (with your vet’s OK). The extra protein and carbs in the kitten food will help her through her pregnancy and have enough milk for her kittens.

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