Advantage Cat Flea Control - Why Does It Work And How Do I Use It?

Advantage cat flea control is a very effective and safe product if used properly and after a vet consultation.

Advantage comes in a small tube and is a clear, slightly thick liquid that is applied directly to your cat's skin. The medication is absorbed into the cat's system through the skin and is effective for 30 days.

The problem with fleas is not the adult fleas on your pet but their incredible egg laying power! What Advantage does is enter the flea through the blood they get when they bite your pet. It both kills the adult flea within a few hours but also prevents them from laying eggs in your home before they go. Therefore, if a flea jumps on your pet outside to "hitch a ride" into your house they will not be able to accomplish their goal - infesting your house with eggs.

If you already have fleas in your home, it will help minimize the damage by not allowing the adults to lay more eggs and continue the cycle. As the eggs in your house mature into adults they will bite your pet then die.

Advantage would be a good partner in a flea war in your house along with room sprays to kill the eggs.

It would also be a good choice if your pet is allergic to the flea bites - contact sprays, powders and shampoos can irritate already sore, itchy skin.

To apply Advantage, separate the fur between the shoulder blades in a line about 1 - 1 1/2 inches (head to tail) long so the skin is visible. Touch the tip of the Advantage tube to the skin and squeeze out the medication until the tube is empty. Use one tube per cat. You may need two people for this process depending on the calmness of your cat.

A Couple Of Tips Before Using Advantage Cat Flea Control:

  • Consult with your vet before beginning an Advantage program. The medication dosage is based on the weight of your cat and they will be able to accurately prescribe the amount.
  • If your cat's weight changes noticeably while using Advantage, a return trip to the vet may be needed to re-check the amount - too much can cause problems while too little may not work as well.
  • Try to avoid bathing your pet for the first 48 hours after giving their dose of Advantage to let it absorb.
  • Try not to let your pet lick the area right away - this is why the shoulder blades are a good spot. It is harder for your cat to reach.
  • DO NOT use any other cat flea control products on your pet while Advantage is in their system - this can result in an overdose of products.
  • Only use Advantage meant for cats on your cat - products for dogs are too strong for cats.

If you have a kitty who won't stand still on a scale, you can step on the scale yourself, step off and pick up your cat, then step on the scale again. The difference between the two weights is the weight of your cat.

There are three weight categories for cats:

Kitten, 5-9 pounds (small cat), and 9 pounds and over (large cat).

Also, I highly recommend buying Advantage through your vet or another trusted source that they suggest, like 1-800-PetMeds or PetSmart. There have been reports of fake counterfeit Advantage being sold on some online stores and Ebay.

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